About Us

Brands Factory LLC presents its consumer with a wide variety of cleansing means, hygiene, and care items of well-known international brands. With over ten years of experience in the sphere, the company acknowledged the needs of consumers and always gained their trust and preference. As a considerable importer and distributor, quality has always been relevant to the company and was one of the main criteria of the company's performance. Today it represents more than 15 international brands in Armenia. Following is the list of the offered brands by Brands Factory: Brands Factory is also the producer of Maid and Kiddo Armenian brands. Maid offers cleansing, hygiene, and care means produced with the foundation of high-quality german BASF supplies, while Kiddo provides a wide range of child care items, including liquid soaps, shampoos, body gels, etc. Not limiting itself with the import of household goods only, Brands Factory is also the official representative of Golden Eagle and Uno Momento instant coffees in Armenia. Today Brands Factory has more than 70 experienced employees who convey their skills to the new and young workers that join the community. In its turn, the company continuously invests in its employees' professional development and ability improvement.